The update was successfully submitted. That's what we're looking for!


Works for me. ssh init warning goes away.

Make that python-avocado-52.1-6.el7!

@tis - thanks for catching and reporting that broken dependency. python-avocado-52.1-5.el7 should have that fixed.

Unable to do a local module build using this release. Running fedpkg module-build-local fails with an exception when it can't find the python3 'moksha.hub' distribution. That's simply a missing dependency which can be worked around by manually installing the python3-moksha-hub package. However, it then fails when it can't find the python3 'm2ext' distribution, and there does not appear to be a python3 package that supplies m2ext.


The karma from my earlier feedback still hasn't appeared. Trying again.

Works for me. Confirmed in a private mock environment that this update preserves the -specs= options passed to the linker to enable resolution of #1548473 [fftw: Partial Fedora build flags injection] in F28.


Works for me. Glad to have rlFetchSrcForInstalled() available now.

The updated package now builds from source without issue in the base runtime environment.

BZ#1415000 Base Runtime FTBFS: realmd-0.16.2-7.fc25

I have confirmed the included fix to address BZ#1402043 has the desired effect of pulling in perl when building the v4l-utils package.

BZ#1402043 doxygen-1.8.12-1.fc25 undeclared runtime dependency on perl