BZ#1925346 Screen glitches after updating to Kernel 5.10.10
BZ#1913158 Please package 0.30.0 for _at_fork_reinit fix
BZ#1791254 virtualbox-guest-additions-6.1.2 is available
BZ#1755661 build of libtommath for EPEL 8
BZ#1761934 Build for EPEL8

@taaem: this is the right version. Upstream forgot to increase the release version in for this v21 release:

BZ#1411586 python-certifi: Please build to epel7

nrpe still doesn't start at boot. Anyway fixing service dependencies as suggested in works.

BZ#1485361 nrpe does not start automatically on boot
BZ#1509590 Review Request: cool-retro-term - Terminal emulator mimicking a CRT display

@anonymous: could you provide the resulting output of the command "rpm -q python3-gobject-base gnome-tweak-tool"

$ /usr/bin/cool-retro-term QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component qrc:/main.qml:23 module "QtQuick.Controls" is not installed

Dependency on qt5-qtquickcontrols package is missing



Test Case firefox media
Test Case firefox browse

@kevin: that would be a nice compromise, thanks for your actions

Variables from group_vars are ignored when running playbook: (fixed after release)



BZ#1497932 Plug-Ins for example flash fails because of unresolved symbols.