Yeah, it is. FEDORA-2022-29ff3c2e38 will address that problem. Tests for this update should pass if we remember to re-run them after next Rawhide compose.

Inherited dependencies is something quite hard to discover and they strike back in the less convenient time.

@adamwill Would you mind to change the karma, please?

Seems the space of showing the email messages is very small, and can't be expand.

It's a problem of the WebKitGTK, please see

BZ#2118626 update_known_hosts: hostfile_replace_entries failed for $HOME/.ssh/known_hosts: memory allocation failed
BZ#2083296 redhat/macros: embedded tab character causing configuration failures

Could you replace gnome-software-42~rc-1.fc36 with the gnome-software-42~rc-2.fc36, please?

Thanks, let's deal with this in I'm currently testing it locally. It can be the change on the libical side uncovered a bug on the evolution-ews side.

Thanks for the claim. I see it went downstream as . Let's continue the investigation there.

The new update brings some more problems, however. See the bug.

Which bug, please?

Adding the unfiltered flathub remote works now, but i got a 'flathub_1' remote listed and the filtered remote didn't went away... is that the expected behavior?

It's not expected, it was supposed to match by name and edit the repo. It works properly here (testing on Fedora34), maybe the Flatpak update changed something, I do not know.

My fault, I'm building a new package with it fixed. It'll be 41.0-5.


Fixes the bug, thanks.

BZ#1982301 Backport fix from 1.11.1

Did not fully update Flatpak's, missing 2 runtime (

Well, telling an unfixed bug is still not fixed by an update is nothing surprising.

Install / remove working but showing wrong feedback during removal sometimes at installation too

I do not know what that message on the screenshot means, I do not speak that language (neither I decipher what that is), I'm sorry. If it means anything like "Loading application details", then it can be something is slow. That would need more debugging, which is better done in bugzilla than here.

File it, please, thus we can investigate further.

As started, install debuginfo packages for glib2, gtk3, evolution-data-server and evolution, then, when it freezes the GUI, instead of letting GNOME Shell to kill the application switch to a terminal and grab a backtrace. You can get the backtrace with a command like this:

$ gdb --batch --ex "t a a bt" --pid=pidof evolution &>bt.txt

Please check the bt.txt for any private information, like passwords, email addresses, server addresses,... I usually search for "pass" at least (quotes for clarity only).

fmarcos, could you file a bug, please? Ideally with the backtrace of the crashes. It might be caught by ABRT, thus make it easier to be filled. Thanks in advance.

@adamwill Would you mind to open a bug report against gnome-software, CC me there, and provide some details about the test, thus I can try to reproduce it here, please? If I read it correctly, the Software's search provider didn't react on time, it had been busy with something probably.

Can it be a debugging feature that slipped into the build?

I'm not sure of any such thing on the evolution side. Maybe it's a feature of webkit2gtk3. Feel free to open a bug and we can investigate it there (like having a test message and so on).

is evolution-ews 3.30.4 coming?

There was no change in evolution-ews sources, thus no update had been made.

Trying to view message source in Evolution leads to an empty page with no sign what's wrong. Going back to 2.18.6 fixes the issue, thus it's a regression in the webkitgtk4 package. The report is:

Are you sure you had all evolution windows closed before installing the update (from koji, I suppose, because it's not part of the updates-testing yet). I just tried the same, before update it crashed, after update it didn't. If you'd provide a backtrace, feel free to do it in the associated bug report, but please do install also the debuginfo package for the updated evolution, thus the backtrace will be usable.