There seem to be no objections against this so I'll just go ahead and push it.


Fixed the dependency problem for me.

BZ#1486925 Error on upgrading shim
BZ#1412851 photoqt-v1.5 is available

Works great

BZ#1412851 photoqt-v1.5 is available


User Icon mbriza commented & provided feedback on lnst-12-1.el7 7 years ago

Best update ever

works for me

BZ#1370054 QtQml crashes with complex qml files

bitlord: Currently, there is no /etc/sddm.conf by default. It's used only to override internal settings that can be listed by using "sddm --example-config" or "man sddm.conf". And sorry, the section is [Autologin]... We can discuss this on my mail ( or or IRC if you will, this is horribly messy.

orion: I'll look into the logout issue tomorrow with a machine with selinux. Right now on a machine without it, it's fine. bitlord: Config structure has changed, you have to add a "User=" key into a [Auto] section. See sddm --example-config to list every option and section available.