needed by the eclipse-recommenders

But eclipse-recommenders is obsoleted by this Eclipse update so I don't think it's related at all.

Yes, please file bugs against the affected components -- it seems like Eclipse is no longer what is preventing you from upgrading.

@mscheiff Your command updates more than just Eclipse -- please file a separate bug against the "httpcomponents-client" and "maven-resolver" components.


Allowed me to update to F29 due to change in required python ABI


Looks like Eclipse is building successfully again:

Added a new build of jetty to fix the Eclipse help system.

This update is already pushed to Fedora 27's stable repository. You need only to update to the latest packages, for example, with "dnf update"

@hedayat The RPM should contain everything in the latest upstream release of CDT -- maybe you could file a bug with more detail.


Works for me, thanks for the update.

BZ#1486970 appstream-0.11.5 is available
BZ#1489530 Eclipse cannot be installed through plasma-discover

@hedayat Thanks for testing

Thanks for the feedback!

@lslebodn This is due to the new wikitext maven plugin that requires maven at runtime. Since I usually always have maven installed, I did not notice these extra deps. This would be a good candidate to move into a separate sub-package something like "eclipse-mylyn-docs-wikitext-maven-plugin" maybe? Since these extra deps are only ~13M it doesn't concern me too much. If the update is otherwise functional, I would prefer to push it to stable and have you file a bug that I will happily fix in a future build.

This works for the Eclipse use-case, thanks.

BZ#1427189 Unresolved OSGi requirement breaks Eclipse help system

This update also fixes bug 1416121 (java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException in

@lslebodn -- As I mentioned in that bug, this is an unfortunate consequence of requiring lucene4. A bug should be filed against lucene4 package, rather than epp-logging. Note that requiring lucene4 is temporary until Eclipse upstream moves to a newer lucene.

This update has been unpushed.

I need to make a change in eclipse package to accomodate this change (splitting the galssfish-el package into two) so it would be best to submit a combined update with eclipse and glassfish-el -- I will do this when I have fixed eclipse

Seems to work for me


Looks good to me

BZ#1356217 Import of org.apache.lucene.analysis in lucene-analyzers-common is too lax