BZ#1909517 EPEL 8 adobe-source-sans-pro-fonts

This update introduces a new shell alias vi ->vim if vim is not installed. This broke my .tcshrc, since I can no-longer use the status of which vim to detect whether vim is installed.

Changes of this nature do not belong in a stable release.

User Icon mavit commented & provided feedback on emacs-27.1-2.fc32 a year ago

This is a major update and does not belong in a stable Fedora release.

There are many incompatible changes, and it's not fair to users to suddenly drop this on them without warning.

BZ#1867841 emacs-27.1 is available
BZ#1706295 Fedora 29 firefox-65.0.1-1 All extensions disabled due to expiration of intermediate signing cert (Upstream bug)
User Icon mavit commented & provided feedback on rancid-3.2-3.el7 2 years ago

This issue is resolved in RHEL 7, so I think this update can be closed?

User Icon mavit commented & provided feedback on emacs-26.1-1.fc28 3 years ago

As keen as I may personally be to get hold of the latest Emacs, I don’t think it’s fair to unsuspecting users to have dropped it on them mid-release like this. describes 200 lines of incompatible changes from the previous version.

A Copr might have been a better place for the latest Emacs. Please consider in future.

BZ#1520915 Review Request: tldr - command line client for tldr
BZ#1486899 Alpine 2.21 update missing feature patches

This fixes #1482241 for me.

BZ#1381671 Fails to connect to Google, with legacy CAs disabled, or with ca-certificates version 2.10