BZ#1797198 Build failures on PPC64le due to bgrabitmap internal error 2002090904

now it works right

BZ#1701576 Only the first table in database is showed

I have backported an upstream patch that should fix #1639021 and re-added that bug to the list.

I also set the suggestion to logout because I had seen partitionmanager doesn't see any device after the upgrade from 3.x. Logging off and in again make it works again.

A lot better now.

BZ#1644313 SELinux is preventing systemd-user-ru from 'read' accesses on the directory dbus-1.
BZ#1645331 SELinux is preventing systemd-logind from 'read' accesses on the blk_file sda2.

Works well, thanks for packaging this!

Fixes also #1577455


This update should be pushed to stable because it is already pushed in F27 repos


F27 version must not be higher than F28 and Rawhide!


Tested rebuild of ccdciel and indistarter, works fine

No regressions noted


This should be pushed to stable ASAP because F27 package version is lower than F26 (1.10.10-2.fc27 Vs 1.10.12-1.fc26)


This should be pushed to stable because F26 update was already been pushed.

BZ#1505151 calamares does not install, nothing provides grub2-efi-modules

This update has been unpushed.


Works, thank you.

BZ#1386947 1.6 RC1 package version is considered newer than 1.6 version from lazarus website
BZ#1298546 lazarus-1.6.2-0 is available
BZ#1415460 Lazarus should use new %{fpc_arches} macro in exclusive arch