Seems to work. Exif data read/write functions as expected, too.

BZ#2118001 geeqie-2.0.1 is available
Test Case geeqie basic

Works for me on Carbon X1 Gen 8.


Confirming that this fixes the conflict bug. Cannot speak to the gnome-keyring issue that the original package update here was for; instructions on testing that would be helpful.

BZ#2008912 glib2-devel installation error: file /usr/share/glib-2.0/codegen/__pycache__/codegen_docbook.cpython-310.pyc conflicts between attempted installs of glib2-devel-2.70.0-3.fc35.i686 and glib2-devel-2.70.0-3.fc35.x86_64

Works. Did not validate that the exploit is fixed.

BZ#1920611 sudo-1.9.5p2 is available

This update seems to work, and in fact was required to get the latest firmware update from Lenovo installed on my Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 8.

So, FWIW: I have a F31 system where I just applied the Firefox update and didn't apply a bunch of other updates, and I was getting just white pages. Updating everything else (except the kernel, as I didn't reboot) seems to make it work fine. Maybe some missing dep?

BZ#1759358 uboot-tools-2019.10 is available

Got bitten by this badly. This fix seems to fix it, as confirmed by not seeing hundreds of zombie processes after upgrading to it. Thanks!

BZ#1656939 Incron causes defunct processes

I hit bug #1631970. Verifying that this update resolves it.

BZ#1631970 openssh host identification changed - without actually changing

This change seems out of line with what I understood to be the plan of record.

@whot Yeah. As soon as you touch it, it jumps to the top left corner, and no manipulation of the pointer causes other movement. However, using the Logitech mouse works fine.

It's reproducable on multiple systems (by plugging in the USB keyboard). On one, I actually had three mice: there's one on the keyboard of the laptop in the docking station plus the external-keyboard mouse plus an additional Logitech mouse I plugged in to debug. Only the USB Keyboard Mouse exhibited the problem. I'll file a bug but it won't be until tomorrow evening as I have a lot of meetings during the day.

Also note that the trackpoint device built into the laptop works just fine. It's only the external device that's affected.


Yeah, 1.10.902-1 has the same failure. Note that evtest seems to show completely reasonable

type 2 (EV_REL), code 1 (REL_Y), value -12
type 2 (EV_REL), code 0 (REL_X), value 1

events, even as the cursor fails to move.

I have an external keyboard, Lenovo ThinkPad Compact USB Keyboard with TrackPoint, and with libinput-1.10.901-1.fc28, merely touching the pointer makes the cursor jump to the top left and not move. Testing now with 1.10.902-1.fc28


Confirming that this works with a test password with an initial capital.