No problems so far

BZ#1462701 QuiteRSS 0.18.8 is available

Using it with QuiteRSS (a feed reader). No problems so far.


Works fine. Thanks to Qt5 even natively under Wayland.

BZ#1406634 QasTools 0.21 available

Plasma 5.8.4 severely regresses multimonitor support compared to 5.8.1 on F25. For that reason I strongly advise not to push the update to F24.

For example the containment type is no longer configurable (it's locked at Folder View with the default wallpaper). It also no longer detects when I unplug the secondary screen.

I believe the commits listed in are at least partially responsible.


Bug #1378974 seems to be fixed by this.

Only tested pavucontrol-qt but that one works just like the GTK version.

Newest build correctly obsoleted my OBS package as well.

BZ#1292588 No calendar events in plasma applet