BZ#2242984 Review Request: futuresql - Non-blocking database framework for Qt
BZ#2242984 Review Request: futuresql - Non-blocking database framework for Qt
BZ#2221454 F39FailsToInstall: breeze-icon-theme-devel
BZ#2239426 Displayed keymap on the login screen is often wrong

While I normally would agree with you @kkofler, I don't think trying to support unmaintained software is worth our effort.

Is there any other software which needs updating beside blogilo?

It's the issue @imabug mentioned. With the new kio-gdrive rebuild libkgapi should be installable and your google stuff will work :-)

@imabug I will rebuild kio-gdrive and add it to this update.

@gtwilliams: what google contacts patch are you reffering to?

BZ#2173739 Since Plasma 5.27.1, applications do not accept DPI changes.
BZ#2179591 Logging out of Plasma 5.27.3 on Wayland as the second user on the system resulted in a black screen
BZ#2184381 Include KDE Plasma 5.27.4 for F38 Final

Working great here :-)

BZ#2180100 At sddm-wayland-plasma icons to reboot, shutdown, other disappear and reappear

This update has been unpushed.

The problem with error 466463 blocks everyone who has a high resolution monitor and uses x11. This is not a minor bug. Since the release of 5.27 it is unusable on high resolution.

I understand. However, you must see that this update might be fixing dozens (if not hundreds) of other bugs.

What shall we do? Make everyone else who is affected by other bugs wait?

Don't get me wrong, I understand you need a fix but our resources are limited and most of us do this in our free time.

This is not fixed:

Is not fixed in 5.27.3

I don't believe this is enough to give negative karma for this update.

 . However, a working fix exists and is not a problem. Is there a problem with the backport of the patch?

We don't always backport upstream patches. It depends on our workloads and how difficult they are to backport.

Besides, the patch was added to the 5.27 branch not even 20 hours ago, after we submitted this update.

As you can see in the bug report you linked yourself, this is fixed in 5.27.4

If any kde-sig maintainer has the time and energy to do a backport, perhaps we do it.