I will add a message in the commit noting their contribution into the git repo, so it will be noted in the next update of mesa that goes out. but please don't mark down builds just for that reason, this was an honest mistake on my part.

@sincorchetes Sorry about that! The reason I did it was because the way you had incremented the rpm build was incorrect, and because I was finishing up the day at work it was just faster for me to redo it myself. It didn't occur to me you might want your name mentioned in the changelog, my apologies.

BIGGEST SIGH IN THE HISTORY OF MAN @invisibleshadowghost thanks for noticing this, it looks like procps-ng already got pushed to stable so I'll have to push a follow up update. ugh.

In the future to the procps-ng maintainers: please please coordinate this with other package maintainers before putting an update like this out in the future.

Whoops wrong one, meant to link this: FEDORA-2020-9a37ef1258

igt-gpu-tools update: FEDORA-2020-9d12acb26b

@jamatos can anyone do it, or do we need to get in contact with the individual maintainers here? igt-gpu-tools just got autopushed to stable, so we really should get this done sooner then later

@ctubbsii That should be fine - I honestly just wasn't sure how to workaround updating dependency issues like this, so if you just send me a message (email is $my_username at redhat dot com) when you've got a buildroot override for procps-ng on f33 and I'll start up a corresponding build for igt-gpu-tools

Also, just submitted a bodhi update for f32 that's built against the new procps-ng

tseewald - JFYI, I unpushed the latest igt update to unblock this, if you need an updated igt-gpu-tools I can provide a build but I'm just not sure how to do it along with procps-ng's update. I'm fine with igt-gpu-tools being broken temporarily though, I was planning on pushing an update to fix it once this hit stable.


Update seems to be generally functional

Fixes building packages in mock for me!

Makes mock able to build packages again!

BZ#1742867 Update for Fedora 31 branching

Works for me

Spectre V2 test says this is vulnerable

Works great for me

BZ#1473820 wayland-protocols-devel out of date (1.7-2 in F26, 1.9-1 is current)

Tested locally with my own Fermi GPU, was able to reproduce the original bug and confirmed this RPM fixed it

BZ#1411447 GTK+ 2 images appear as black boxes under XWayland with NVIDIA/nouveau
User Icon lyude commented & provided feedback on glibc-2.22-9.fc23 8 years ago

Works fine for me


Works for me, fixes the issue with it dying on Valgrind

BZ#1283774 Valgrind: FATAL: aspacem assertion failed