@gwendal That is be addressed for the final release given the beta status.

It is a bug related to the reintroduction of animated default background. The default static backgrounds should be restored with a new update available on Please test it.

Runs fine on Wayland session

BZ#1276566 Segmentation fault on Gnome on Wayland

Works fine. Media Writer now displays the right version of Labs media.

BZ#1397461 mediawriter offers previous version of workstation by default
BZ#1400075 darktable-2.2.0 is available

Works fine


This update fixed bug #1387403


These packages have yet to land on updates-testing repository as seen on the pending status at this time of writing.

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

It looks like LuxRender-blender still use the old Blender 2.76. It is a seperate issue meaning this update needs to be pushed first to stable to effectively rebuild LuxRender-blender.

Tiles now display maps.

BZ#1356484 Gnome Maps cannot use MapQuest tiles anymore
Test Case Gnome Maps

Running Pitivi 0.96 with the new gst-transcoder. An crash occurred on a previewer as the traceback was automatically reported but did not bring down the whole application. Piviti remained functional for the rest of quick editing displaying a much improved overall performance of the application.

BZ#1352065 Review Request: gst-transcoder - GStreamer Transcoding API
BZ#1351836 Pitivi 0.96 is available (0.95 will crash on Fedora 24)

This plugin once installed can be seen and removed on Gnome Software. Everything is running fine.

BZ#1329407 New upstream Resynthesizer is 2.0
BZ#1316714 Ship AppStream metadata file

The plugin is working fine. The name of metadata in the spec file is wrong though. It should be gimp-resynthesizer.metainfo.xml for add-on instead of appdata.xml suffix.

BZ#1329407 New upstream Resynthesizer is 2.0
BZ#1316714 Ship AppStream metadata file

This update is obsolete replaced by f24-backgrounds-24.1.1-1

This update has been unpushed.

Note the bug in question affects f22-backgrounds-extras subpackagage for users manually installing it.