This update has been unpushed.

@ibiims: thanks for the ping about that issue. Let me check with the team and update this. FWIW, we temporarily got rid of the dockerfile and dockerignore manpages because of and we'll handle that part later. But the issue you mentioned for .dockerignore.5.gz will also affect .containerignore.5.gz, so let me get back to you asap.

The new build for containers-common is at .. so let's continue updates over there.

removing buildah from here to get the rest of packages through quicker. I'll add buildah in a separate bodhi update.

containers-common build updated, please give this one a try. I've also added netavark and containernetworking-plugins packages which we need going in with containers-common.

hmm, I guess it's best I check for the prior existence of those manpages itself instead of checking for /usr/bin/docker

@bitlord, thanks for the comment. So, the installation itself doesn't seem to conflict but the postinstall script makes noise. The post install script I had included installs those manpages only if /usr/bin/docker isn't found on the system.

Did you by any chance have those manpages already but NOT have /usr/bin/docker on your env?

Thanks for the comments all. I'm gonna push an update that will generate the docker specific manpages only if /usr/bin/docker isn't found. So, it should not conflict with any of the docker packages. HTH.

@decathorpe I didn't forget to push to f35. I'm in the process of handing off bodhi updates to the respective owners. @haircommander will be taking over the bodhi updates, thanks for the ping.

@santiago already blessed this build yesterday on chat. Setting karma to +3 only.

@santiago already gave us his +1 on chat yesterday, So setting karma to +3 only.

@dwalsh I pushed a rebuilt containers-common to . That has a bunch of other packages in there along with containers-common.

@santiago PTAL @ gating tests. Quite a few no such file or directory errors.

bumping the timeout seemed to help. Thanks @santiago

@santiago looks like gating tests that were passing earlier are failing now, do you think re-running would help?

removing buildah as gating tests for it will need some work

@santiago it's over here: . I don't think I can group multiple builds in the same bodhi update. So, maybe this dep will be available in sometime.

changing stable karma to +4.

i'm gonna let it stay in testing until +3 or until the next release, whichever is earlier.