This update has been unpushed.

I can't reproduce it, and I'm also using gnome-shell, which makes me think it's a video driver issue.

Good. Me neither, but I wanted to be sure.

But it works otherwise?

Thanks, fixing.

You're very welcome! Let me know when they fix --dry-run.


Looks good!

BZ#2002768 Pioneer crashes at startup
User Icon limb commented & provided feedback on vym-2.8.0-1.fc34 a year ago

Thank you, I'll dig into it.

Yes, I'll get that out shortly.

User Icon limb commented & provided feedback on git-2.30.2-1.fc33 a year ago

No regressions noted.

Yes, I'll get an update out doing so.

Huh. This was working yesterday. Removing the bug from this update.

Once it has enough karma, yes.

BZ#1903893 matrix-synapse-1.24.0 is available
BZ#1906326 CVE-2020-26257 matrix-synapse: incorrect parameters could result in DoS [fedora-all]