Writing this from SM


No issues so far on 12700K, 3080 with proprietary drivers, 2.5G LAN and stuff. No WiFi to cause issues though.


I had issues with HDMI sound with PW 0.3.58-1 on kernel 5.19.9 (moved back to 5.19.7 and it was fine except some Discord weirdness), now installed this along with kernel 5.19.10 and all seems fine, either from this, or kernel update :)


Sound broke between 5.9.7 and this 5.9.9 (I skipped the 5.9.8 update, it's in stable updates, but I went for updates-testing after 2 weeks and this is what I got).

mpv hangs, pavucontrol freaks out with unknown outputs every time application tries to play sound.

Rebooting with 5.9.7 brings everything back. (still with pipewire-0.3.58-1.fc36, so I bet it's not its fault)

User Icon lam commented & provided feedback on pam-1.5.2-13.fc36 a year ago

Still unable to update pam on a system upgraded to F36 because pam-1.5.2-13.fc36.i686 wasn't pushed to updates.


Intel Alder Lake - finally no patches needed.

Oh crap, how did I upvote an el8 update... I'm on F35 on both desktop and laptop... I haven't even powered up my AlmaLinux 8 desktop for like a year (it's in a closet) :(

Sorry for this, I really don't know how this happened, clear misclick on my part... Apologies again.

The thing is, I never ever go below 20 tabs open, so when the whole browser stutters, or it takes it half a minute of 100% CPU before the window actually closes (which was the case the last few days, and suddenly disappeared after the update), I know of no way of checking which site or sites is the culprit. If there's a way to figure it out, please point me to a guide, I'll downgrade and test and stuff... Assuming I could even reproduce it (again - sites get updates, not to mention ┬ÁBO)...


Don't know if it's the backported fix for web assembly GC or just a random change on a random website's js, but for the last few hours, this version works way better/faster (meaning no hangs with 100% CPU) than Even if that's just a coincidence, update didn't break any page for me, thumbs up.


Clearly didn't work, as to this day I can't upgrade any of my computers from F33 using dnf system-upgrade.

User Icon lam commented & provided feedback on wine-6.6-1.fc33 3 years ago

Indeed, mouse works in game's menu, but actual mouse input in game does nothing (like I can shoot if I press button and alt-tab away, didn't find a way to turn yet ;))

Reported at There's a series of patches floating around their Bugzilla, from looking at wine-staging's git, some input changes actually went upstream, not just a simple patch in -staging patches. So perhaps it's safest to skip 6.6 as well :)

@buc, yes, that did the trick!

After patching the files inside, I zip -0'd everything back in to keep it "as intended" (apparently it was more of a tar in zip form), and you were right, that totally fixes my extension problem!

I'm now a happy 2.53.7 user and will go report back in moz-bz.

Thanks a lot! I would never find that bug by my symptoms!

[I even tried rebuilding without seamonkey-2.53.7-refresh.patch before, seeing that it did have something to do with "scrolling" (yes, I know, not that kind of scrolling, but what do I know about event propagation in SM), that wasn't it obviously, but it made me more confident to report it upstream.]


Broke tab switching with mouse wheel for me, I raised upstream.

This fixed Quake Champions crashing on startup. Worked in 5.21 but didn't work in 5.22 in Fedora. I can't check if this was wine or wine-staging issue, I simply downgraded to 5.21 temporarily. Now I've tried this 6.0-rc1.fc33 and we're back to working. Ship it :)

BZ#1808197 seamonkey-2.53.1.source is available

-1 for the dracut crash. I'm scared to reboot now.


Videos that didn't play due to JS regex error, play now. +1

BZ#1648103 Not able to download video from Youtube: youtube_dl.utils.RegexNotFoundError
BZ#1648551 Version 2018.11.07 is available
User Icon lam commented & provided feedback on vte-0.28.2-24.fc28 6 years ago

Works perfectly (and fixes mouse in mc etc.)