There is a need to be careful when merging branches. dav1d was in 0.7.0 only on the master branch on purpose.

ABI break in stable fedora release has severe implications: - In-habitability to downgrade dependencies to the release repository as a fallback for any regression. - Break many other 3rd part repos like any copr. Advertising them is way too heavy leading to uncertainty an stability issues to end-users face. - There is a need to advertise many people to handle the break, each of them have their own pace. - When projects are still breaking ABI, then it's not certain that a new ABI break won't be soon, so unless it's proven that upstream have found their stable ABI or even care at not breaking ABI, there will be many breakage. - etc

I don't like this at all. But above all, I want to avoid an in-between situation, so here is my +1

If one wants to fetch the latest dav1d code, it's possible to rely on the rpmfusion/ffmpeg container from docker hub instead.

BZ#1849403 dav1d-0.7.1 is available

Some security related bugzilla have mentioned some to be fixed by this release. Unfortunately, the bodhi web interface wasn't able to associate the bugzilla to this update...

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

Well, I usually agree with this. (Altough a deeper ABI analysis might be needed).

So I will avoid to enable srt for f30 in the application I've planned (ffmpeg/vlc).


looks good

Tested on pi2 and pi3b+ along with jetson-tk1 (seems to have a positive effect on NIC stability there).

Thx for the report. All FLOSS drivers provided by Mesa along with NVIDIA binary driver are using libglvnd. The only exception might be flatpak that might use it's own copy of libglvnd + Mesa provided by any runtime.


Good, I might enable dav1d for vlc on epel7 with this package...

trying to push fixes into stable.

Trying to push fix into stable.

The python dependencies can be pushed to stable. @kanarip can you change your cast, so I can push them along to stable ? (fixing the un-usability issue in updates). Thx in advances

Indeed. I'm trying to sort out why the package isn't available, as it was built in koji , but also missed python-multidic (1). I'm trying to sort-out things with maintainers in order to verify how to fix that...

(1) (scratch build from master built for f31)

BZ#1765775 dav1d-0.5.1 is available

This update keeps dependencies broken. As you are removing a "packaging" interface where python3-sip RPM dependency is expected to be available, you need to advertise all downstream users of this dependency of the change and push an update that fixes them all.

Also this package violate the Fedora guidelines: The virtual provide is mandatory in such case.

This applies to f31 current stable updates leaving end-users in a bad shape.


PLease push asap and avoid ABI break that are against the updates guidelines

BZ#1760765 dav1d-0.5.0 is available

This update has been unpushed.

Tested on jetson-tk1

BZ#1759358 uboot-tools-2019.10 is available