@praiskup, what should I do to build epel8 with fedpkg now?


I consistently get the following error with Red Hat's ubi8 image:

podman run -it --rm ubi8
Error: reset `/proc/self/attr/keycreate`: Operation not permitted: OCI permission denied

Downgrading to crun-0.19.1-3.fc34 fixes it.

After testing this more widely in Ceph's Teuthology framework upstream, we found this version of gperftools crashes. I've opened to track reverting this update.

Thanks for the testing. Let's push this to stable


I tested a small Pungi compose with signed RPMs, and Pungi was able to call into kobo and complete the compose.

BZ#1923758 update kobo in epel8

Tested with as described in bz#1920461

BZ#1920461 cheroot (cherrypy) indefinitely hangs under a moderate rate of requests and never recovers

I tested a basic "Hello World" CherryPy app (from and it works.


I tested a local podman molecule run (with and it works for me.

BZ#1822314 python-molecule-3.0.4 is available

This update has been unpushed.

Thanks for testing that and reporting this. I think it would be best to bring apipkg to EPEL 7, then update execnet, then update remoto. This is what I've done in the CentOS Storage SIG for el7.

kernel-4.18.15-300.fc29 is here in testing state, but we have a newer kernel NVR (kernel-4.18.16-300.fc29) that has already shipped in .

Did we hit a bug in Bodhi here where it failed to recognize that this update is obsolete?

new compose-has-build command works great


fixes bz #1579367. Thanks cqi

BZ#1491557 retire rdopkg on epel7

Is there any public BZ or link about this package's removal from RHEL Extras? I've heard rumors about this, but nothing concrete/public about when it will happen.

Servo.h is missing from the latest package


simple operations work


reading and writing to an el7 samba server works fine