missing deps :( bug 1329608

works in general. a few glitches, but better than before.

BZ#1318492 bogus 'there are no portable drives found' when unformatted USB stick is inserted

Many bugs fixed, let's push this.

BZ#1318494 fails to create UEFI bootable media by default
BZ#1320082 qrc:/liveusb.qml:5 module "QtGraphicalEffects" is not installed
BZ#1320326 Error 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'device'
BZ#1320279 liveusb-creator newui-unable to use mouse to select items
BZ#1318677 Live USB creator cannot be launched in a graphical way
BZ#1328462 no writing progress is displayed
BZ#1318491 cpu is over 100% for liveusb-creator process while application is doing nothing
BZ#1328340 liveusb-creator: pycurl.error: cannot invoke setopt() - perform() is currently running
BZ#1328789 do not leave partially downloaded files on disk
BZ#1328337 AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'device'
BZ#1328457 Open button doesn't work in file selection dialog
BZ#1328369 Luc doesn't reuse already downloaded image and stuck
BZ#1328498 partitions are not unmounted before writing image to a device, can lead to corrupted data written

Well it has a lot of issues but is better than the old liveusb-creator in general.


seems to be working

no issues mounting windows partitions


no issues in daily use

no issues with submitting karma


updated anaconda on Alpha Live, did a default install


default install worked, when updated on Alpha Live

I see new background.

BZ#1319770 New backgrounds require desktop-backgrounds change

I tested this on AMD Radeon 270, no issues with accelerated graphics.


Tested with Alpha-1.6 Server DVD, Cockpit works fine.

BZ#1317721 cockpit.socket not enabled automatically on Fedora Server installs

@anonymous, @hreindl: This is not a chat. Please stop now.

I did not reproduce the issue with GNOME, so this seems to be KDE/sddm related. However, @ajax, please don't use karma autopush for critical pieces of infrastructure, or set the limit really high (>10). We need to ensure critical packages stay at least a few days in updates-testing before going stable. I'd like to see this as a system-wide policy, but it was rejected in the past. So currently it's up to package maintainer decision and needs to be taken care of manually.


tested shortly and seems to be mostly working

smoke test, seems to be working

tested two java programs, seems to work