This breaks my VPN connection. See #1421241. Please don't push (and also disable karma autopush)! Thanks.

@jag: Whenever a build is added or removed, it resets karma. Also, it obviously requires a re-push to updates-testing, as you can see from bodhi comments. This update will stay in updates-testing until FESCo decides whether it is OK to go stable. See the devel mailing list.

@funfunctor Please mind your tone. So far 2 issues were reported (sway broken, and 2 games not starting) and both have been resolved promptly. At this moment I see no outstanding issues. If you see some, please verify you have the latest versions are stated in this update. If the problems persist, please file a bug and link it here, I'm sure @jwrdegoede will look at it soon. The graphics driver team in Fedora are doing a great work and put a lot of effort into their tasks, considering it's just a handful of people.

The fact that you have a pet peeve on not having latest llvm in Fedora (yes, as an AMD user I'd love that as well) does not mean you need to block useful updates for Nvidia users just in spite. Btw this feature might be very useful even for AMD users once AMDGPU-PRO is libglvnd-enabled.

Update feedback: I have Radeon R9 270 and see no issues, desktop works, Steam games work.


seems to be working fine

no problems in regular usage


ran it, seems to work

For anybody else seeing permission problems, you need to add yourself to the taskotron group (and re-login). We need to make this very clear in our documentation.


python apps seems to work, python console works

I tested basic functionality, seems to work

my $PATH is back :)

BZ#1149905 [Wayland][Regression] environment is incomplete, missing some entries from PATH, GPG_AGENT_INFO, SSH_AUTH_SOCK, ...

Seems to work fine now, thanks.

BZ#1199960 Arch 'armv7hl' not in my Is_64

kde apps look OK in GNOME


tested both client and a server (simply ssh in), no issues

basic functionality seems to work fine

#1199960 seems fixed, but #1410050 was introduced instead. I don't know whether the new version is well functional.

BZ#1199960 Arch 'armv7hl' not in my Is_64

no issues with X11 session (Radeon graphics)


basic functionality seems to work

sample mp3 is playing in totem