fixes file-roller, but unfortunately breaks opening libreoffice files for me, see #1377313

BZ#1376391 multiple instances of file-roller are not usable, also 10 seconds after starting+quitting file-roller
BZ#1374321 file-roller has all actions disabled under wayland

tried to open up a few websites, no issues

I see this during update:

Re-declaration of type udisks2_t
Failed to create node
Bad type declaration at /var/lib/selinux/targeted/tmp/modules/100/udisks2/cil:1
/usr/sbin/semodule:  Failed!

testcloud seems to work, which should use these libraries


no issues spotted in a few basic operations

my VPN seems to work fine

tried some basic commands, seems to work


abrt detected an error and reported it into bugzilla, seems to work

gtk3 3.21.5 broke displaying drop-down lists in gnome-control-center:

gtk3 3.21.5 broke displaying drop-down lists in gnome-control-center:

fixes chrome's update issue

BZ#1344643 default install of google-chrome, google-talkplugin or any other google app blocks users from getting *any* system updates

@cairo: I noticed you only give +1's to updates, with no comments. Please always provide a feedback, say what you've tested. Doesn't have to be long, but it helps the maintainer to decide whether it's been sufficiently covered. Thanks.

my networks connected fine

sphinx documentation of taskotron project builds and renders fine


no issues spotted


seems to be working for my VMs

seems solid now

also, if you downgrade just gtk3, then keyboard input is broken in virt-manager on repeated VM starts. you need to downgrade mutter as well. which means gtk3 package can't be simply removed from this update.

now that should have been -1 karma obviously