tried to list all and delete one boot item using efibootmgr, worked fine


downloaded and burned F24, booted, it worked

appdata xml is updated with the old name ( #1381327 )

appdata xml is updated with the old name ( #1381327 )

appdata xml is updated with the old name

qxl breaks sddm, #1381045

sample web page renders fine

User Icon kparal commented & provided feedback on mc-4.8.17-2.fc25 7 years ago

tried basic folder navigation and file viewing, no issues

opened a few web pages, seems to work


fixes many bugs. downloading and writing tested, works.


tried running it once, it shows network traffic just fine


fixes re-login, thanks

giving karma for lbrabec

So, gtk3 broke totem for a change: #1377741

#1377313 is fixed now. I haven't spotted any other serious issues yet.

BZ#1377313 mutter 3.21.92-1.fc25 prevents libreoffice from opening existing files

\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

fixes the slowness bug

BZ#1373933 object selection and edit freezes libreoffice for several seconds

fixes file-roller, but unfortunately breaks opening libreoffice files for me, see #1377313

BZ#1376391 multiple instances of file-roller are not usable, also 10 seconds after starting+quitting file-roller
BZ#1374321 file-roller has all actions disabled under wayland

tried to open up a few websites, no issues