opened some PDFs, they look fine

opened different app pages in gnome-software, descriptions etc look OK


seems to work fine on common file types

no issues on my Workstation

My bluetooth mouse works correctly. Unfortunately this doesn't help with the recent regression of bluetooth mice not reconnecting after resume:


I haven't seen any regression in font rendering in a regular desktop usage

I haven't found any issues


no issues on my Workstation


Thanks, @eclipseo! Can you also add #2058897 into fixed bugs?

Meld seems to work fine, even without gnome-icon-theme installed. Directory compare works, icons are displayed.

BZ#2093637 [abrt] meld: _get_pixbuf(): gtk-icon-theme-error-quark: Icon 'emblem-new' not present in theme Adwaita (0)

no issues on my desktop (e.g. firefox)

no issues on my desktop (no wifi)


Unfortunately this seems to have broken bluetooth mouse reconnection after resume from suspend:

Please note that bodhi-client-6.0 was already pushed to F36. Just for info. It is true that the update is backwards-incompatible, but at the same time the server was updated as well, so I didn't see as a breach of our stable updates policy.

The bodhi config was updated, with the next mesa update the mesa-vulkan-drivers.i686 should be present in updates-testing. Shout if it isn't.

Yes, I believe I was wrong and the issue still persists (it still doesn't constitute a reason for downvoting this, though). Here's my latest attempt to request a fix:

Actually, I take my latest comment back. I think there's still some problem, but because lutris entered updates-testing recently, it might have fixed the situation in repos. I got confused by people mentioning 22.1.1, an old version. I'm still investigating.

The pungi fix seems to be working OK:

$ dnf list --available --showduplicates --repo=updates-testing --refresh --releasever=36 mesa-vulkan-drivers
Available Packages
mesa-vulkan-drivers.i686          22.1.2-1.fc36         updates-testing
mesa-vulkan-drivers.x86_64        22.1.2-1.fc36         updates-testing

But @imabug is complaining about 22.1.1, not the current 22.1.2 version. I guess @imabug and @generalprobe are not using --refresh in their DNF command, or they have some outdated mirror hardcoded in conf files? However, in general, things should be fine, as I see it.

The i686 problem is not a problem in mesa but in Fedora Infra. The linked fix might not have been deployed yet. I'll try to ask around.