Tested with taskotron, seems to work. The dep is fixed.

BZ#1356477 missing dependency on binutils
User Icon kparal commented & provided feedback on tig-2.2-3.fc24 6 years ago

no issues spotted when looking at git history


I see hw details when I run it


libtaskotron test suite works with this

BZ#1244145 Update python2-mock AND python3-mock to 2.0

tried once after dnf update, seems to work

I only tested wired connection in VM, but that works OK.

I quickly tried at least in a VM and basic desktop functionality works, no apparent issues.

@till, I'd recommend to retract this update until bug #1304355 is fixed. There's no benefit having this in updates-testing and waiting. Even better would be to submit a f-e-k update with hard deps fixed until that bug is resolved.


no issues in chromium

@spot, chromium spews thousands of lines of debug output into system journal every minute. This basically kills the journal.


The bug is fixed, and dep solving seems to work in general (tried a few dnf install/remove runs).

BZ#1244873 dnf autoremove only reports "Error: problem with installed package ..." and quits

works in my unit tests


tried to create, stop and remove an instance, worked well

the bugs seem to be fixed, I tried one test upgrade and found no problems

BZ#1336482 Change label "Installing" to "Downloading"
BZ#1336477 License link is not valid
BZ#1335414 Graphical upgrade failed with error with no details
BZ#1335458 system upgrade can be triggered without admin password
BZ#1336530 no warning about to-be-removed packages before upgrade
BZ#1336459 installing a package between Download and Install actions of graphical upgrade breaks graphical upgrade
BZ#1336404 PackageKit downloads are order of magnitude slower than DNF
BZ#1335463 system upgrade was triggered even though I canceled it
BZ#1356132 Fedora packages are claimed to be not trusted
User Icon kparal commented & provided feedback on qt-4.8.7-18.fc23 6 years ago

qt apps (vlc) seem to run fine

no issues when I quickly tried it with libtaskotron


tried running it, spotted no issues