I don't know how to verify the bug fix, but overall ABRT seems to be working - notifications pop up, I can report a new bug.

Bug 2130657 seems fixed

BZ#2130657 Editing an existing contact's email address causes Contacts to display an empty "Unnamed Person" card, other edits made at the same time are lost

The new dependencies seem to work fine, opengl and vulkan still works on my system, and video acceleration in gstreamer seems to be working as well, although totem seems to consume at least twice the resources than vlc (probably not related to this update).

BZ#2123998 Mesa 22.2.0~rc3 is built without support for common video codecs, missing mesa-va-drivers might cause issues

I tested a few basic apps and found no regressions

updates-testing is disabled, the contents of fedora-release seems to be correct

BZ#2133425 updates-testing should be disabled, fedora-release should have release >= 1

I installed some of the recently added obsoletes on F36 and then tried the update, and it correctly marked those packages to be removed. Seems to be working.

BZ#2117256 Obsolete packages that used to require Python 3.10 but are gone in Fedora 37

It seems to be working fine.


The crash no longer happens when I follow the described reproducer. The installation finished fine.

BZ#2131183 Installer Crashes When Attempting to Reclaim Space

I can finally see HomeBank correctly in Gnome Software as an RPM installation. Thanks.

BZ#2012817 homebank package has invalid appstream metadata, causes various problems in GNOME Software
BZ#2131947 homebank-5.5.7 is available

All of this works, the systray icon is shown:

$ gamemode-simulate-game
$ gamemoderun glxgears
$ LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib64/ glxgears
BZ#2130964 Month names are not in sync
BZ#2130977 Editing recurring events is broken, changes a single instance instead of all instances
BZ#2130981 Calendar does not delete events properly

I distrust this report, there is no log

I was the one who helped Jiri to make his computer boot into gdm again, just by installing mesa-va-drivers, so I know his experience is genuine. But we have troubles retrieving the log, it seems that the failed boots weren't saved, they're not visible in systemctl --list-boots. I have no explanation for this, perhaps we figure it out later, but currently that log is unavailable. That doesn't invalidate the story, though.


@kwizart @pwalter It seems that Radeon/Nouveau systems don't boot now. We need to resolve this ASAP. Please read


Openttd pulls in soundfonts, runs and music plays

BZ#1588367 no music in openttd due to missing dependency on timidity++

I can see JXL images in Nautilus and EOG

My systray icons work as expected.

Reverting my -1 karma

This mustn't go stable before F37 update goes stable, otherwise this problem happens. Giving -1 karma, but just for the purpose of disabling autopush.