no issues with my home wifi

BZ#2141237 ABRT on KDE can't store any passwords: Secret Service is not available

my bluetooth mouse works fine


Snapshots are working fine, and I can redirect a USB thumb drive into a VM as well. Resolves . Thanks!

I don't know which of my apps run through XWayland, but I assume some of them do, and I noticed no regressions anywhere

no regressions on my Workstation


no issues on my Thinkpad P1 gen3 (Intel CometLake-H GT2 [UHD Graphics] [8086:9bc4] (rev 05))

I can see Dropbox in my system tray, so it seems to be working fine

Well, gnome-shell works fine for me in daily usage. But now that I learned about shift-snapping, I want it to work :-D


I can ping my other computers using name.local and can see my network printer, so I think this works

Is Plasma 5.26.2 going to make it into F37?

It would help if people provided karma on general functionality. The current karma value is 0.


Daily usage of Workstation, no issues.

@danya213 Please report a bug into Bugzilla and link it here.


Syntax highlighting works now, thanks!

After more debugging, the calendar crash seems sufficiently resolved:

BZ#2135772 Editing the recurring event freezes Calendar.

Update notifications now show up.

BZ#2139092 Update notifications don't show up in Plasma 5.26

This update pulls 400 new packages as dependencies. Not sure whether it's intentional. I reported the problem here:

The calendar crash doesn't seem to be resolved:

BZ#2135772 Editing the recurring event freezes Calendar.

The problem mentioned here is fixed:

However, I do see issues when connecting my docking station while the laptop is already started - my USB keyboard only connects sometimes. I have to disconnect and reconnect the USB cable to the dock to make it work. But that doesn't seem to be a regression in the latest libgusb version (and might not be libgusb problem at all, I have no idea), so thumbs up.


Seems to be working fine in general