the screen dimming bug is gone

BZ#2073206 interrupted dimming partly locks window switching
User Icon kparal commented & provided feedback on glibc-2.35-5.fc36 a year ago

no issues in daily Workstation usage

User Icon kparal commented & provided feedback on gdm-42.0-2.fc36 a year ago

I can confirm this fixes VM resizing and display connection/disconnection for me.

BZ#2071394 Connecting/disconnecting an external monitor or VM resizing switches GNOME to the login screen
dnf[1058]:   Running scriptlet: systemd-resolved-249.11-2.fc35.x86_64                52/52
dnf[1058]: ln: failed to create symbolic link '/etc/resolv.conf': File exists
dnf[1058]: warning: %posttrans(systemd-resolved-249.11-2.fc35.x86_64) scriptlet failed, exit status 1
dnf[1058]: Error in POSTTRANS scriptlet in rpm package systemd-resolved

See .

no issues on my Workstation

It's not autopushed because an automated test failed. @adamwill Can you please check whether the failure is real or just a false negative?

I'm able to control brightness through ddccontrol, not sure how much the db is used there, though.


I was able to print on my network printer


The installation progress strings are now translated. Tested with Czech language. The installation finished fine. I wasn't forced to confirm the keyboard spoke.

BZ#2071098 "Installing software" and other strings displayed during installation are untranslated
BZ#2072941 Starting installation from with non-US keyboard forces user to open and close keyboard spoke

updates-testing is disabled now

BZ#2073950 disable updates-testing, create a final release

works fine on my Thinkpad P1 gen3


upgrading firmware on my Thinkpad P1 gen3 worked fine (after disabling SecureBoot)


Only 'fedora' and 'updates' repos can't now be disabled, all others can, even on upgraded systems. The labels are no longer overlapping, instead they are ellipsized "text...". Basic usage seems to be working.

BZ#2072661 Workaround overlapping labels caused by gtk4 bug
BZ#2073353 RPM repos can't be disabled in GNOME Software after F35->F36 upgrade

Fixes X11 on UEFI nomodeset, tested in GNOME

BZ#2067151 Basic graphics mode broken for X11 (GNOME/KDE/netinst) on UEFI
User Icon kparal commented & provided feedback on iotop-0.6-31.fc35 a year ago

seems to show IO stats ok

tested mediainfo cli on some videos and pictures, seems to work fine

Thanks, this almost solves everything! :-) Deleting entries is still partially broken, see

BZ#2072445 GNOME Connections window can't be moved or (un)maximized while a remote desktop is displayed
BZ#2072462 Saved entries can't be deleted in GNOME Connections
BZ#2072490 Reconnection in GNOME Connections fails and removes RDP credentials
BZ#2072513 [abrt] gnome-connections: frdp_session_configure_event(): gnome-connections killed by SIGSEGV

I tested upgrading from F36 Beta and from F35. In both cases, just installing fedora-third-party-0.10-1.fc36 created the "Fedora Flathub Selection" option in gnome-software. It was not needed to run "dnf reinstall fedora-flathub-remote" as the update description claims.

BZ#2011274 flathub filtered repo seems missing from F35 install

The printer options drop-downs can now be scrolled, thanks

BZ#2063410 Printer setting: can't scroll media size list

The connection crash is fixed. There are still multiple other bugs (even crashes) present, but this is an improvement. I'll file the other issues separately.

BZ#2068015 [abrt] gnome-connections: _mid_memalign(): gnome-connections killed by SIGSEGV