The new mangohud-mangoplot subpackage installs 320 additional packages, totaling over 200MB. Wow! Most of them are perl and texlive packages. Can you please consider changing Recommends: mangohud-mangoplot to Suggests: mangohud-mangoplot? I don't think that most people installing mangohud will want to plot graphs, and the dependency chain seems to be too huge to be installed automatically for everyone. What do you think?

For anyone who gets a distorted font rendering after this update, read:

mediawriter and vlc seem to work fine

no issues in a daily Workstation usage

I can build for F39 and F40. For F39, it doesn't use the podman bootstrap image, though, and falls back to a package manager.

writing and restoring works fine

Intel GPU and wifi works fine on Thinkpad P1 gen3


I can search for chars and copy them

no issues in daily Workstation usage


no issues in daily Workstation usage


I can pipe into fpaste, works


I can print on my network printer from GNOME


tested on my home dir, displays fine

prints video information as expected

@js314592 Please file a bug at so that this can be discussed, and link it here. Does booting an older kernel fix the issue for you?


I can see and edit my transactions

I installed Workstation from netinst with updates-testing enabled, so that this update would be included. GIS worked just fine.


I performed a basic installation, worked fine.

BZ#2230058 New web UI window title says "Mozilla Firefox"
BZ#2234448 Creating the layout by Blivet-GUI does not trigger to update the partition list.
BZ#2234522 webUI flow: g-i-s language and keyboard layout pages are shown again after install
BZ#2235244 webUI: uses Firefox icon (and a window title with Mozilla Firefox in it) in the overview

No issues on my Workstation

It can be installed. I haven't tested functionality.

BZ#2220493 F39FailsToInstall: python3-sciunit