I added my Google account, seems to work


the color profile on my monitor seems to work

evolution seems to work


the color profile on my monitor seems to work


smoke testing OK

the new pyparted changed api, unfortunately. most probably we will want to unpush this and create a patched version of the previous older build instead.

fixed bug 1163698 for me


OK, if fedora-repos-anaconda is not intended to be installable, I'm fine with that. I tested installing fedora-release and fedora-repos, they worked fine. Then I tried installing fedora-repos-anaconda due to comments above, and that obviously failed.


fixes 1163660


The commenters are most probably right, this breaks fedora-repos-anaconda.

Bugs 1162215 and 1162215 are fixed, and general installation works well.

fixes bug 1158442, tested in 800x600

works well

works reasonably well. bug 1129629 is fixed.

Tomas, if you have dropped at-sysvinit subpackage, shouldn't you have obsoleted it with the main package? Otherwise people who have the package installed will get a broken dependency error.

I have tested bug 1147941 and it's fixed.

Don't trust depcheck, the dependencies are actually broken (and it's even visible in the logs). Error: Package: anaconda-core-21.48.8-1.fc21.x86_64 (updates-testing) Requires: pykickstart >= 1.99.60. Also, the update details could get reformatted?

Adding karma bcz fc16 update works.

I have not tested this on RHEL6, but we are the only users (and also authors) and need to push it, so I don't see any harm here giving +1.