I see no issues with my mouse, additional buttons work.

@kalev, 3 karma and 3 days in testing is pretty low for a critical piece of system update process. We've broken the update stack several times in the last 6 months, let's not risk it again.

basic usage seems fine

no issues spotted


no issues with my VMs


no issues with VMs and the new polkit rule works


daily usage, no issues


my PyQT4 apps seem to start and look fine


putting disk to standby works

efibootmgr -v works, haven't tried writing

When combined with kernel-4.0.5-300.fc22, the screen corruption is less obvious. So I revert my karma, together it's an improvement to before.


This seems to dramatically reduce the screen corruption on older intel cards, as reported in bug 1226531.

my calendar seems to be synced OK

fixes the InsecurePlatformWarning in fedora tools :)

I have tested basic packagekit and gnome-software functionality and offline updates, seems to work.


bug 1205649 seems to be fixed for our reproducer script. I also tested basic gnome-software functionality and offline updates, no issues.

after more testing, I can confirm that there's image corruption in Firefox after a short time, very visible e.g. in once that happens, I get corruption even in other apps, like nautilus or gnome-terminal, as before this update. so it seems this hasn't really fixed anything, just delayed it slightly.

This fixes the heavy graphical corruption on Thinkpad T500.


my encfs (using fuse) works well