Trying to trigger the auto-karma push.

Works fine on (CentOS 7). The broken dependency is fixed now.

BZ#1220829 viewvc package request for EPEL7

Works fine here (except that kdelibs 4.14.12 claims to be 4.14.11, but that does not impact functionality).

obsoleted by kdevelop-4.7.1-10.fc22, which should fix the regression

This update has been unpushed.

I disabled the autokarma nonsense and resent the update to testing.

Uh, konsole5 wasn't rebuilt. You probably just upgraded your qt5 to 5.5.

(By the way, why aren't we using dedicated build targets for Qt upgrades anymore, especially now with Qt 5 split packaging? Putting Qt into buildroot overrides used to cause lots of issues like this in the past, which is why we had stopped doing that.)

rdieter, you need to expire the Qt 5.5 buildroot overrides and rebuild this, or add this to the 5.5 update group.

Any chance we can figure out what is going wrong here? jgrulich, do you have a backtrace? We cannot withhold all KDevelop updates forever. We've already been sitting on this regression fix for over 2 weeks.

The thing is, the only thing I changed is to add the BR. There must be some compiler-related issue.

When there are duplicate translations, the ones in kde-l10n are usually the old KDE-4-era ones.


Fixes knetattach documentation file conflict.


Fixes upgrade path from F20.


This critical regression was reported by a user:

Confirmed no more hardcoded Requires: polkit-gnome.

Drags in polkit-gnome on KDE installations (which is particularly bad because liveusb-creator is installed on the KDE spin, so ALL KDE installations get polluted with polkit-gnome on updates): #1171583

Fixes upgrade path from F20.

5.3.2-4.fc21 is now queued for stable, so we don't need this one anymore, I've let Bodhi obsolete it (by canceling the stable push for this update and editing the newer update's notes).

This update has been unpushed