Please retry with kile-2.9.94-2.fc40, I fixed the bad Requires.

Grrr, not understandable why they do not have a versioned Provides for konsole-part anymore, since it is clear that the different major versions are not interchangeable. I am going to fix the Requires, but it is really the konsole package that is broken.

KParts need to be shipped for the different major versions. The KDE SIG is no longer doing that. They dropped the kdelibs4 and KF5 KonsolePart and are shipping only the KF6 one, which breaks applications. And they do not even include a versioned Provides so the application cannot even state which version it requires, so when Plasma 7 will hit, this will silently break as we have already seen with the OkularPart.

This was an attempt at getting this build into F41/Rawhide without a rebuild. As you can see, it confused Bodhi, which wanted to push it to F40 updates despite it already being in F40 GA. Hence I unpushed it.

python3-qt5-base is not installable, seems to be missing a python-pyqt5-sip update:

Also, qt5-qtwebengine-5.15.16-2.fc38 breaks the upgrade path to Fedora 39, should be built as qt5-qtwebengine-5.15.16-1.fc38.1.

IMHO, it is unacceptable to deliberately push to stable an update known to break an application. It defeats the very purpose of the update testing process to knowingly push regressions reported here to stable.

At this point, we are not even talking about a development branch anymore, but about a 0-day update to a stable release. There ought to be a minimum quality standard for such an update. There is also no deadline to hit given that the release is already in Final Freeze.

I am retagging all the packages in this update into f39-updates-candidate.

This looks like kdepim-runtime-libs should have an Obsoletes: kf5-kmailtransport-akonadi < 23.08.

I have blogilo building in f40-build-side-74444 now: I have built the following packages there:

  • ktextaddons-1.5.1-1.fc40 (built by @marcdeop, not by me)
  • kf5-kpimtextedit-23.08.1-3.fc40
  • kf5-pimcommon-23.08.1-2.fc40
  • kf5-messagelib-23.08.1-2.fc40
  • blogilo-17.08.3-28.fc40

Can we push that side tag to Rawhide stable or are there more packages that should be rebuilt first?

If everything is good, we need these 5 packages rebuilt in f39-build-side-74302 so that they are included in this update.

kf5-kpimcommon updated, but kf5-messagelib needs a rebuild for the new ktextaddons due to the bumped soname, rebuilding that too.

(I cannot build blogilo in f40-build-side-74444 due to the broken Requires in kf5-pimcommon-devel.)

Looks like kf5-pimcommon needs a specfile update (and maybe a patch) for the new ktextaddons, KF5TextAutoCorrection was split into KF5TextAutoCorrectionCore and KF5TextAutoCorrectionWidgets.

I am rebuilding kf5-kpimtextedit in the side tag f40-build-side-74444 now, then blogilo. I am not going to build other things in the side tag, so if there are other packages you know or think need rebuilding for ktextaddons, then please do so. That is all f40/rawhide-only for now, we will have to build the same packages in f39-build-side-74302 once we have this sorted out in Rawhide.

The update policy is pretty clear that incompatible library updates should be avoided, and if unavoidable, they must be pushed together with rebuilds of the applications that they would otherwise break.

As you can see, I have already done some work on getting blogilo to build: – in fact, it is waiting on a ktextaddons update that adds the TextEmoticonsWidgets part that is being moved out of kf5-kpimtextedit (which is why my patch to export the header from kf5-kpimtextedit no longer applied). The blogilo patch is already there (though it might need small fixes, I cannot test the build without the ktextaddons update). I was about to update ktextaddons, but I see @marcdeop has built it today in a side tag: – we need rebuilds of kf5-kpimtextedit and blogilo there, that should fix Blogilo.

Yet another incompatible kdepim stack update that is being backported before the dependent packages (at least blogilo) are sorted out in Rawhide.

Does disabling systemd user sessions (kwriteconfig5 --file startkderc --group General --key systemdBoot false – as your regular user, NOT as root) fix it?

For Blogilo, another build attempt is now running in Rawhide, also depending on ktextaddons-1.1.1-2.

This is now built in Rawhide as blogilo-17.08.3-26.fc39, but we need an fc38 build included here, too.

To fix the accessibility regression, first ktextaddons-1.1.1-2 and then kf5-kpimtextedit-23.04.0-2 (which depends on the former) need to be built in a side tag and included here.

For Blogilo, another build attempt is now running in Rawhide, also depending on ktextaddons-1.1.1-2.

Actually, it looks like ktextaddons was recently imported (without the kf5- prefix, which is why I have not found it at first – this is going to be a problem when there will be a separate kf6 version), but it is not built with text to speech support:

-- The following OPTIONAL packages have not been found: * Qt5TextToSpeech, Add support for text to speech

So you need to build ktextaddons with Qt5TextToSpeech and then kpimtextedit with ktextaddons to fix the accessibility regression.

kf5-kpimtextedit is missing text-to-speech support, which is a regression in this update.

Previously, this functionality was shipped with KPimTextEdit. But as of:

it has been moved to a separate ktextaddons package which is not packaged in Fedora yet. As a result, the functionality is missing:

-- Could NOT find KF5TextEditTextToSpeech (missing: KF5TextEditTextToSpeech_DIR)

Unfortunately, Blogilo requires this support to build:

/builddir/build/BUILD/blogilo-17.08.3/composereditorwebengine/src/composerwebengine.cpp:24:10: fatal error: kpimtextedit/texttospeech.h: No such file or directory
   24 | #include "kpimtextedit/texttospeech.h"
      |          ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
compilation terminated.

I would patch it to use ktextaddons instead (it seems to be basically the same API, just in a different namespace), but I cannot because it is not packaged in Fedora.

But even if you do not care about Blogilo, this accessibility regression must be fixed before the kdepim update can be pushed to a stable Fedora release.