This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

Looks ok to me.

Yeah, the fix is not complete. ;( Look for another update soon...


Was in f38 beta rc1.3, seems ok there.

I'm building/testing a fix to the razor arguments now. ;) Thanks for the testing.

Ah, I think I can duplicate it... will look at a fix.

Well, adding negative karma to a rawhide update when you rebuilt and tested on f37 isn't too valid. That said, I would expect it to work. Can you file a bug and we can debug it there?

Can you bump and rebuild this? It hit the same thing some of the other python3 build for f35/f36 did. ;(

This is really weird. The armv7 job appears to have finished multiple times. ;( Could be related to so will debug there.

I just triggered a new run...


This update has a escape char in it's git history that causes createrepo_c to barf. ;(

Revoking for now.

+1 The beta worked.




+1 good

I've untagged these from f38 and eln.

BZ#2066548 libsolv-0.7.22 is available