No worries :) All good now that you +1'd the update!

Thanks for the feedback, but I believe the negative karma here is wrong. If gjs was crashing before and still is, then this update didn't make anything worse (didn't regress anything), and shouldn't get negative karma.

Yes, that sounds plausible. It's crashing deep in libdnf and I think we'd need someone from the dnf team to look at it. I don't really understand what's going on there.

I think it should be fine to have it here. We'll need to get the megaupdate stable quickly anyway before the freeze.

Thanks @adamwill, I've fixed this in two ways: updated the dep in eog-tests, and also fixed python2-behave to correctly provide python-behave in

I edited the update to have gnome-software 3.28.1 instead of 3.28.0. This should fix most of the issues reported here. Big thatnks to everybody who helped with testing and reporting issues!


Works fine here

That sounds like a different issue. I suspect it may be something with high and low H.264 profiles, where Totem needs the high profile and the openh264 codec only ships the low, or something along those lines.


Works fine for me

Unpushing as per Workstation WG's decision on 2018-03-26 to stick with old Cantarell for Fedora 28.

Sorry, I don't have the time to do a detailed analysis here. Marking it as security again then :)

@muench Ah, thanks, let me change it to a normal non-security update then.

@tablepc GNOME Tweaks was renamed from gnome-tweak-tool to gnome-tweaks. It's still available, just under a new name.

I removed abattis-cantarell-fonts and split it out into its own update, at the request of QA:

Sorry @adamw, just edited in one more last minute update including canterell-fonts 0.101. Should be fine to update openQA needles now I think, I'd expect the glyphs in 0.101 to be more or less stable now. There's talk of adding Cyrillic glyphs upstream, but that hopefully won't affect the Fedora tests -- I assume they are all using latin.

glib2-2.54.3-2.fc27 reverts most of the gmain wakeup changes and should fix both libreoffice and timedatex high CPU use regressions.

The 100% cpu core issue should be fixed with the timedatex-0.5-2.fc27 build that I just added to this update.