@piotrdrag, Huh, weird. Any ideas what might have broken this?

The comment above is incorrect. The fix was not reverted and this update is supposed to fix the bug.

My understanding is that the gnome-shell fix is orthogonal to this update.

Sadly I think the damage is already done as the mozjs60 updates went out to updates-testing and rawhide last night, and I don't think there's much point any more in adding conflicts retroactively now -- it won't fix the systems that already have gotten the mozjs60 update. I'll go talk to releng to see if they can do an updates push with the fix quickly.

Looks like mozjs60 60.2.0 update broke ABI. I've just kicked off gjs rebuilds; should be fixed shortly by a gjs update.

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

Temporarily unpushing this update so that we can get blocker fix pushed through Bodhi.

No regressions noted here and seems to fix boot slowness

BZ#1625218 Fedora Workstation 29 takes a long time to boot in enforcing mode.

The gtk3 issue should be fixed with @adamwill's gtk3-3.24.0-4.fc29 build I just added here.

Please add karma again as the edit reset it all again! :) Thanks!

@kparal Thanks, that should be fixed in the new gdk-pixbuf2-2.38.0-4.fc29 build.

Everybody else: The edits reset the karma on the update, can you retest and add karma again, please?

If I understand this right, the issue here is that pungi doesn't "see" the package that is supposed to pull in glib-networking because it comes from a different repo (the stable repo), so it thinks glib-networking is a leaf package and doesn't make it multilib.

The way it's suppsosed to work is that all -devel packages are multilibbed by pungi, so libsoup-devel is multilib, which pulls in libsoup, which in turn pulls in glib-netowkring, making it too multilib. However, libsoup-devel and libsoup aren't in the testing repo so it all falls apart. They are of course in the base repo and it all should work correctly once pushed to stable.

I don't think this should warrant a -1 karma: we actually need the karma so that it can get pushed to stable and get properly multilibbed (multilib is working in stable repos, but apparently somewhat broken in testing).

Thanks, I'll keep an eye on the upstream ticket and backport as soon as a fix becomes available.

@augenauf Sorry, this is not the right place for bugreports like this, and the negative karma is unwarranted. The bodhi system is for regression testing and this update clearly didn't regress the PyCharm repo in any way. Please contact the PyCharm repo owners or file a ticket against fedora-workstation-repositories on bugzilla. Thanks!

@ignatenkobrain @walters Can you guys fix up the platform-python bits please? I know nothing of it, just submitted the update that walters built. See for background info. I'm also not at the computer right now so I'd appreciate help here, thanks.