Thanks. Indeed, I see crashes here too. Let's unpush for now.

@mooninite What you are seeing is a releng issue (nothing wrong with this update here). Pungi that creates the repositories only installs multilib packages when something requires the multilib version. In the updates repo, apparently nothing requires the i686 multilib version of glib-networking so pungi doesn't put the i686 version in the repos.

This all worked in updates-testing because updates-testing has glib2 that requires glib-networking%{%isa}.

I suspect gnome-initial-setup didn't regress in this update, but in (gnome-initial-setup 3.32.0) instead. There are only translation changes between 3.32.0 and 3.32.1.

Works fine here

The dependency changes look good to me!

@atim Could you update from updates-testing and re-test and re-karma, please? I edited the update a bit and that removed your +1.

OK, the colours issue should be fixed now with mutter-3.31.92-3.fc30, hopefully.

@adamwill, @jadahl was looking into the wrong colours issue today, but couldn't reproduce it locally. Can you help him on irc to figure out what virtualization settings and screen recording etc is used in openqa, please?

I backported a patch that should fix the inverted colours issue to mutter-3.31.92-2.fc30

@bojan: It turned out that Cantarell is missing the IEC power symbols that the switches use now, see

Looks like this regressed switches. I'm going to disable autokarma to make sure it doesn't get accidentally pushed to stable.

This update has been unpushed.

I'm going to unpush this update as it breaks nautilus as noted in the comments.

@mattf Thanks for filing those crashes! I'm pretty sure they are completely unrelated to the appstream data update.

Thanks, I've backported an upstream patch to appstream-0.12.2-2.fc29 to fix this.

This sadly missed the F29 final freeze that was last night

No regressions noticed so far

Haven't noticed any regressions with gnome-software/PackageKit

@piotrdrag, Is better? I disabled parallel make in that build and that seemed to fix the desktop file generation.