Upstream just released nautilus 44.2.1 which should fix this. I've kicked off builds for F38 and rawhide.

Sure, fine with me to backport the patch to 3.38.3. Do you want to do a PR for that?

I think I'd give upstream a bit of time first though and see if they can figure out the lagging and freezing issue first.

Confirmed that this fixes the provides generation for /app-installed flatpak builds.

Re-submitting to testing as the selinux issues should be fixed with selinux-policy-38.10-1.fc38 build from

This update has been unpushed.

Hm, I guess that selinux-policy would need updating for new /etc/geoclue/conf.d/ config directory that geoclue 2.7.0 introduces. Do you want to help file a ticket against selinux-policy?

Seems to work fine in quick smoke testing.

Bummer :( Let's see what Akira figures out. I don't really know much about fontconfig.


Thanks - I was able to enable avif support in gthumb now.

BZ#2178600 Review Request: libheif - HEIF and AVIF file format decoder and encoder

Turns out it was caused by an nss mismatch in the flatpak runtime. Should be fixed by flatpak runtime update that's in

@dustymabe and I were discussing this on irc and we came up withflatpak-module install to downgrade to the previous version, if anyone else needs to get this worked around quickly.

Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing this up! Could you also file all the details in bugzilla, please, so that @limb who dealt with the first crash can see this? You could perhaps open a new ticket, or maybe just re-open and add the details there.

As I understand it, the update to transmission 4.0.0 caused transmission-daemon to start crashing and transmission-4.0.0-2.fc37 didn't fix it completely. transmission-4.0.0-2.fc37 was however pushed to stable updates so it's already broken now for everybody.

This update (4.0.0-3.fc37) didn't fix the crash, but it wasn't supposed to either - it contained an entirely unrelated change. When you compare it to the 4.0.0-2.fc37 update that's in stable updates, this update doesn't make the situation for the crash worse - it's the same. In other words, you could say that this update doesn't regress compared to 4.0.0-2.fc37.

This is an important distinction because the feedback and karma in Bodhi is supposed to be for regression testing.

@aptupdate Is that a regression compared to transmission-4.0.0-2.fc37 build from ? There shouldn't be any changes in how the daemon is built between the 4.0.0-2 and 4.0.0-3 builds.

Awesome, thanks for testing!

Works fine in quick testing (and the new build makes it work in a wayland session as well)

Note that this is a continuation of that got unpushed because of broken dependencies. This update here now adds a libavif0.10 compat package to avoid this issue (the compat package is for third party packages; everything in Fedora is rebuilt), and hopefully gets the update over the finish line.