Yes, that's in separate update that fixes a FE and should hopefully go to stable soon.

OK, I've edited the update with some more fixes backported (as discussed in the ticket) -- can you guys give this another try please? The built-in screen recorder, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+r works in my testing now.

User Icon kalev commented & provided feedback on rpkg-1.60-7.fc32 2 years ago

I also get:

$ fedpkg build --scratch --srpm
Could not execute build: join() argument must be str, bytes, or os.PathLike object, not 'NoneType'

Downgrading to rpkg 1.60-3.fc32 makes it work again.

This makes it installable again with perl 5.30.3

This update has been unpushed.

Let's unpush this then. Thanks, @krp!

The PackageKit addition is expected if you do override replace. PackageKit is explicitly excluded on the server side for composes but if you manually replace gnome-software it's pulled in because of soft dependencies. doesn't sound like a regression to me. I don't have time to look into it right now.

This update has been unpushed.


I can confirm this fixes the assertion for me as well. Thanks!

Fixes the dependency issue. Thanks!

I think you are missing the new gnome-shell build that adamw added above. just finished and should have the complete set of changes here, if it helps.

Yes, that's because the update is still pending and hasn't been pushed to updates-testing after all the edits.

We are done editing this and adding new builds now. I've removed the note we had before to not add any karma -- from now on karma is appreciated :) Thanks!

The latest edits should hopefully get pushed out to updates-testing soon. releng is working on this (there were some build system issues today that broke things). adamw also requested a candidate compose including 3.36.0 so we should get an iso image soon as well.

Thanks for tracking that down, @rantadi! I've backported the fix now in, can you try if it helps?

Ah yes, it's 'gnome-extensions-app' indeed. I believe it was changed because GNOME designers asked it to not be pre-installed. I don't know the details; fmuellner changed this. If you disagree with this decision, can you file a Workstation WG ticket at and we can discuss it more there?

Ahh, thanks! Let me link the gedit bug here.

Yes, the Extensions app was moved to a separate package. Just 'dnf do install gnome-shell-extensions-app' if you want to install it again :)

@atim, What was wrong with gedit before this update? The extension app disappearing is deliberate. It was moved to gnome-shell-extensions-app subpackage.

Thanks, @rantadi! Could you file this issue against polari, please, over at ?