@clnetbox, Hm, the "Select All" behaviour change appears to be a deliberate:

Do you want to try to bring it up in upstream issue tracker?

@jridky Hm, I have a hard time believing that gtk2 can break GNOME session like this because GNOME doesn't use gtk2 at all any more. Are you sure the issue you are seeing is caused by this update?

OK, sounds like a good plan :) Thanks!

@atim Is the crash above reproducible? Can you file a ticket upstream at to get this diagnosed, please?

I'll disable autopush on this update in the mean time.


gnome-software still seems to work fine, screenshots load etc.

OK, sounds like it's working then :) Clicking on the title bar is something else -- it's not "full screen", it's "maximized window" and esc isn't supposed to exit that. Thanks for all the feedback and testing!

It seems to work just fine in my testing: click "f" to open the full screen view, and then "esc" to close, which then goes back to where it was before.

@jpbn Is that a regression in this version?

I added Firefox to this update as they need to go out together in a single update.

gnome-terminal has massive downstream patches and needs rishi to update them. I am fully aware that vte291 and gnome-terminal updates are both missing but it's out of my hands, sorry. Hopefully we get this before the final F33 release, but I can't make any promises.

I edited the update and added new tracker3-miners 3.0.0-2 build that should fix the 100% CPU issue when processing deleted files that several people have been reporting. It should get pushed to the repos in the next updates-testing push (it missed this one).

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

Oops :) Indeed. This one had a bug in vala bindings. Let me unpush it. Thanks a lot of catching it!

Grr :( I removed the gnome-software build from the mega-update for now until someone debugs what's up with updates not working.

I went ahead and merged adamw's opencv disabling change to F33 and kicked off a gstreamer1-plugins-bad-free build to get a temporary fix out.