When trying to do that, I get:

Cannot submit containers-common ('4', '1', '12.fc34') to stable since it is older than ('4', '1', '13.fc34')

Looks like a podman release that requires containers-common from this build has gone stable. I'll submit this one to stable as well to fix the podman broken deps.

Let's unpush this for now. hadess says that the soname bump is unexpected.

OK, both dependent updates are now pushed stable, so I think this one can go as well.

Thanks, @stevko -- let me just remove the crashing gjs build from the mega-update. Looks like the crash is getting traction upstream and should hopefully get fixed for next week's .0 release.

@mjg, Nothing changed between 1.8.0 and 1.8.1 wrt flatpak dependencies. This is definitely not a regression in this build; if anything it's a dnf bug that it reinstalls recommended packages on package updates. Let's just continue tracking it in the ticket, #1851668.

No problem! Thanks for testing it.

OK, should be fixed in vte291-0.62.3-2.fc33

Ohh, thanks for catching it! Looks like I botched applying the patch. Let me do a new build quickly :)

OK, so Fedora Workstation WG discussed this in today's meeting and decided to revert this change. I've gone ahead and done that in vte291-0.62.3-1.fc33 build,

No problem! I went ahead and linked the fixed ticket to the update here.

The new gtk3-3.24.25-2.fc33 build also backports some more scrollbar sizing tweaks from upstream if anyone wants to try it out.

@qoheniac, Thanks -- I backported fixes for this to gtk3-3.24.25-2.fc33, , can you see if it helps?

People, this is not a voting contest who likes small scrollbars and who likes larger ones. The update has already gone stable and additional karma doesn't affect it at all any more.

If you want to argue for a different scrollbar size I'd suggest engaging with upstream at

Thanks everybody who tested this update!

@decathorpe, That's a deliberate change.

Thanks -- I went ahead and added 1927052 to the list of fixed bugs now.

Thanks for testing! If you haven't done so already, can you file the account setup bug in upstream GNOME gitlab issue tracker? I don't think we have anyone looking at geary code issues on Fedora side.

@martinpitt, This version actually fixes the regression you pointed out. You are testing 85.0-5, but this is 85.0-8