Note that when testing the printing crash, both the gtk4 and loupe update are needed to fully fix this.

@sbonazzo Ahh, phew! Thanks for going the extra mile with the testing! :)

@sbonazzo Weird, I don't see anything like that here. openQA tests have all passed as well so it doesn't look like it's broken for everybody at least.

Some things you could try to narrow it down a bit more are:

Downgrade everything to the stable versions (dnf distro-sync --disablerepo=updates-testing) and then add back only the packages from this update (dnf update --enablerepo=updates-testing --advisory=FEDORA-2023-92fe74aaf6) and double check that the issue remains - it could have been something else from tonight's updates-testing that broke it.

Ssh into the machine and attach gdb to the gnome-shell process and get a backtrace and see where it is hanging.

Is it a Wayland session or X11 session? Does the other one hang as well if you change it in the login screen?

Try removing all gnome-shell extensions to make sure it's not one of the extensions somehow breaking it. Does it work under a new user?

Anything in journalctl -a -b -1? -1 should give the previous boot's logs.

Maybe ask in for help how to debug this further.

File a ticket upstream against mutter ( or gnome-shell ( with all the info.

OK, this should be fixed with new gnome-session-44.0-4.fc39 build that adds new gnome-portals.conf that should make the portals work right again:

This update has been unpushed.

Let's unpush this for now. Thanks for noticing the breakage!

@adamwill Hm, which one is it? update.install_default_update_ostree? I see one test there where it says it has soft failed - _graphical_wait_login (, and then clicking on it it says:

Soft Failure:

geolocation failed!

I don't see anything about gnome-kiosk crashing?

Excellent, thanks!

Hm, it can be a bit tricky as the whole session is crashing. I think the best strategy would be to use coredumpctl and try to get the backtrace for the already occurred crash that it captured. Just typing 'coredumpctl' lists all the crashes it has captured and 'coredumpctl gdb' should let you get the backtrace for the last crash. Hopefully it asks if you want to use debuginfod, which should make it all work nicely on Silverblue without having to overlay install tons of -debuginfo rpms.

Sorry, I don't have a Silverblue installation at hand to check the exact commands and if gdb is already installed in the base system or not, but hopefully it gets you started.

And thanks a lot for taking the time to look into it!

This update has been unpushed.

Unpushing to test merging into the GNOME mega-update (see

@miniprise Thanks! Could you try to get a better backtrace with debug symbols, and file it as an issue upstream over at please?

Note that gnome-connections build that's included here depends on libei update from . If this should cause openqa test issues, we'll have to merge the two updates.

BZ#2234618 Flatpak cleanup-commands do not work

@treba Could you file this as an issue upstream, so that it can be tracked down and fixed, please?

Unpushing the update as newer binutils-2.40-13.fc39 build was done as part of the F39 mass rebuild.