This update has been unpushed.

Hm, I don't understand what's going on with the gating here. Let me see if unpushing and pushing it again helps.

(Editing it to merge it into the 41.0 mega-update)

... and gnome-software is split out in a separate as well for FE purposes:

I split out gnome-boxes to its own update at as it fixes a F35 Beta FE issue and want to include the gnome-boxes update in the Beta release.

I went ahead and merged the two updates together. This one should have all the required dependencies now and should be good to push to stable. Could people add karma again, please?

I removed gnome-initial-setup from here as mcatanzaro submitted it separately in

@sgallagh, That sounds like an issue between webkitgtk / gstreamer and not a problem with gnome-control-center and this update.

(Editing this a bit so it doesn't clash with the other gnome-initial-setup update that's in bodhi)

@asciiwolf Thanks! I linked the two bugs now.

@ibims Thanks! I have never edited the test cases wiki pages, but I think you could just try to remove one of them yourself.

@alexpl Ah thanks, let me do that now.

Writer, Impress and Calc all seem to work fine in quick testing and it nicely uses the F34 flatpak runtime now.

Great, thanks for testing!

Great :) Thanks for testing it!


The same version works just fine in F33 Silverblue.

BZ#1946727 Update to v2021.3

This update has been unpushed.

BZ#1938933 Missing or wrong version of dependency containers-common