Submitting to stable for flatpak 0.9.99.

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

@fkooman: I don't know if there's a new key combination or what it is, sorry. Can you file a bug for tracking this at please? Thanks in advance and sorry the update caused an issue for you. (F26) and (F25) add back the lost tiff loader. Karma would be very welcome so that we can get this to stable as quickly as possible.

Thanks for tracking that down!

Would be good to get that fix in

User Icon kalev commented & provided feedback on gjs-1.48.6-1.fc26 4 years ago

Thanks, added the two bugs.

Thanks for testing! Can you also tick "Is the update generally functional?" please? This is the only thing that bodhi uses for counting total karma.

@genodeftest, sounds like it makes sense to submit this to stable then and try to track the issues down separately. Thanks everybody!


Same version seems to work fine in rawhide

I submitted this as buildroot override now, can you try ibus again in a bit when it hits the build roots?

@dodoedo This should be fixed in , can you confirm it fixes it for you, please?

@dodoedo Can you file a bug please? This is already in stable and filing karma doesn't affect this update in any way any more.


Works fine here with flatpak