Sorry, I'm not handling GNOME updates this cycle, it's @amigadave handling them for GNOME 46. See also

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

Thanks for testing it!

Nice, glad to hear that! Thanks for testing it.

Not a regression compared to previous F39 builds then, but would be good to get it fixed regardless. Can you file an issue upstream, please?

@ roman-averin Do you know if the crashing is a regression in this particular update or was it crashing with previous tracker-miners versions as well?

Not that this update is already in stable update so giving karma here doesn't affect it at all any more. Would be good if you could file a ticket with more details.

Thanks for the help with testing!

Updated RPM macros seem to work fine (tested by building rust-gst-plugin-gtk4 that makes use of updated cargo-c macros).

gnome-shell carries a list of desktop files it shows in the launcher. Looks like the name changed in so it should be just the matter of updating with the new name.

I'm in general in favour of the new org.mozilla.firefox.desktop name - it brings us closer to upstream packaging, however I am not sure it's wise to change it in stable Fedora releases. F39 and rawhide should be fine at this point, provided that we update the name in gnome-shell of course.