"Transaction check error: File in conflict with package nvidia-driver-libs-2:378.13-3.fc25.x86_64"

Hmm that is an issue with the negativo17 pkgs I guess ? I coordinated this fix with the rpmfusion people, with Simone in the Cc. I'll ask Simone to fix his packages.

This breaks "fedpkg build".

This fixes #1419944 for me, +1

BZ#1419944 SELinux issues with with move to libglvnd

Ok, good news selinux-policy-3.13.1-225.10.fc25 fixes the ARM issue so as soon as hits stable I can push this update to stable as well.

Ugh, sorry it seems that the selinux-policy update does not fix the ARM bug (typo in the new fcontext rule), see:

So sorry, looks like this needs to stay in testing a bit longer, hopefully not much longer ...

Ok, the selinux-policy update required to not break things on ARM has been filed: as soon as that hits stable, I will push this update to stable too.

The libva update I've just added resolves, so we're almost there now.

Sorry people but you will have to re-add karma before I can push this.

nanonyme, recently 2 libglvnd related bugs have come to my attentention, which I want to see resolved both before pushing this to stable: A fix for this has been written, waiting for a new selinux-policy build with the fix. This just came in yesterday I will try to write a fix for this today.

The new libglvnd and mesa builds I've just added contain the proper upstream fix for the issue for steam games using the glfw library instead of my initial patch for this.

hansvon, the new libglvnd-0.2.999-9.gitdc16f8c.fc25 I just added contains a fix which fixes the 2 steam games which were not working for you. For technical details see:

anonymous, about wayland not working with the nvidia binary driver, and more specifically at gnome/mutter not automatically falling back to Xorg and instead showing a black screen, can you please file a bug about that ?

The new wlc build I've just added should fix the issue with sway not starting (it does for me).

anonymous, yes wayland does not (yet) work with the nvidia binary driver, that is expected. This reminds me that we should make mutter do the right thing and auto-fallback to Xorg in that case. I've filed: for this.

hansvon, ok. I'm busy fixing sway today. I will look into this tomorrow, but no promises, fixing these without source access is going to be hard and the bug might well be in the actual games and just getting triggered by the glvnd changes.

hansvon, thanks for testing. Can you try downgrading mesa to the -5 from updates-stable and see if that fixes things ? I wonder if the problem is really in this update or somewhere else.

corsepiu, if you install a package from updates-testing please make sure you've all packages from updates-stable installed first. Can you please do this right (allow dnf to do its thing instead of manual installing) and then provide positive karma to compensate for your wrongly given negative karma?

If you're seeing broken deps because of this update, please add positive karma to:

The mesa and libglvnd updates were supposed to go out as a pair. But then airlied did another mesa update with an unrelated bug-fix and bodhi failed to squash the 2 updates together (a bodhi bug IMHO) and now mesa is in updates-stable while the matching libglvnd update is not.


I know but I cannnot as removing the obsoleted mesa build has reset karma. I've asked rel-eng to fast-track this to stable.




Thank you for reporting the broken deps, we know about this and are working on this.



glvnd is an important F25 feature which has been widely advertised as such, see e.g. :

This is not something which we are doing lightly, I'm sorry that this breaks sway, but until yesterday I had never heard about sway. This is similar to how we do kernel or mesa updates, e.g. mesa has gone from 12.0 to 13.0 in F25's lifetime. Sometimes we need to find a balance between bringing in a new release which fixes bugs, vs potential new bugs this introduces. And yes enabling glvnd is ultimately a bug-fix as it stops things breaking every other update for nvidia driver users.

I've disabled auto karma based pushing for this and rest assured that if this causes any serious issues I will unpush this. But sway is such a niece use-case that I do not consider it a blocker for enabling glvnd support, sorry.