Tested on a Lenovo Carbon X1 successfully.

Successfully pulled from an insecure registry listed in registries.conf without needing to specify --tls-verify=false. Thanks!




Works well on a Dell XPS desktop with radeon graphics


Tested on Thinkpad Carbon X1 successfully with Secure Boot enabled.

Anonymous karma is not included in the karma count. People should still be able to comment, even if it means we get some less than helpful comments.

The early microcode functionality is not disabled. The config options were dropped in the 4.4 release and that functionality was made unconditional.

If your machine is not receiving early microcode updates, dracut may need an update as it did not handle this change properly originally.

@fvillavi, that really is unrelated to the kernel and kernel package. That is something you should bring up with the gnome-software people.


I've been using this package to build local kernels for several days now. Things are working well.

BZ#1283475 Could not initialize nss: The certificate/key database is in an old, unsupported format.
BZ#1284561 Typo in pesign-authorize-groups
BZ#1284063 Need pesign-rh-test-certs to build kernel

Not pushing to stable yet. I'd like to get a few more positive karma before we do that.

This needs to get into stable soon. Previous versions of fedora-review fail in completely unfixable ways because they don't work with dnf.

We've not heard from the Fedora security team regarding this issue. I was notified about it from Alex Larsson yesterday.

The kernel itself doesn't control the grub entries. It just calls kernel-install. If there are issues with how the entries are being generated, then they would be in either the systemd or grubby packages.


Downloaded from koji and tested on an F22 machine that was having issues described in bug 1203900. The builds work well and ansible copies are successful.

For those of you seeing chrony issues, please add your log snippet with the failure to bug 1188074

For everyone having issues with i915 graphics, please file a bug. If you already have, please note it in your comments.

I tested this with the same instructions sgallagh pointed to. The graphics are indeed there, and they are indeed quite nice.