Fixes the bug, no new problems noticed.

The fedabipkgdiff utility works well.

The spec file needs Requires: pyxdg but a bug has already been reported for that and fixed in rawhide.

BZ#1331348 README file is not packaged

Fixes #1303305 but gets selinux errors for mail to root.

BZ#1303305 errors from esmtp in /var/log/messages every time my cron job runs
BZ#1303305 errors from esmtp in /var/log/messages every time my cron job runs

This update breaks the updates policy. It is a non-essential major version update which makes irreversible changes to the DB format, preventing the same file being used by old clients. Changing the major version was not needed because upstream are still providing security support for the old version "for some time". However, now that the change has already been pushed to F23 arguably it's better to change F22 as well, to at least allow DB files to be shared between F22 and F23 machines.


This is an incompatible change on a release branch that requires irreversible changes to the database.

Solves the problems in the linked bugs.

BZ#1288559 dnf builddep boost requires arm packages in x86_64
BZ#1268267 Remove %{?_isa} from BuildRequires

Still no core files created after this update.

BZ#1276931 SELinux is preventing abrt-hook-ccpp from almost everything
BZ#1245477 SELinux is preventing abrt-hook-ccpp from using the 'sigchld' accesses on a process.

This update is essential because there are already packages in stable that depend on symbols in the new qt5-qtbase, see

powerdevil-5.4.3-1 in this update depends on the new from qt5-qtbase-5.5.1-8 which is still in updates-testing, see

powerdevil in this update completely borks the system, preventing kded5 from running, which makes kwallet (so you can't even easily get on wifi to downgrade again!)

Hmm, I still don't see any of these builds in updates-testing or updates.


Fixes broken deps due to boost


Installs OK

Installs OK


Installs fine and passes some basic tests.

Error: nothing provides needed by gr-rds-0-0.12.20141117gitff1ca15.fc23.i686

Installs cleanly and fixes #1250419

BZ#1239363 adobe-source-libraries: FTBFS in rawhide
BZ#1250419 <adobe/cmath.hpp> unusable with GCC 5

Updating to elektra-0.8.12-3.fc23.x86_64 works now.

I'm doing a new build to fix elektra, will add it here asap.