Tested it on Fedora 26 i686. No regression noted.

Tested it on Fedora 26 i686. Work as expected.

Work as expected. Found #1445509, but it's not a regression.

Run a basic test against the i686 version of the package on my laptop. I noticed no regressions.

Test Case NM Wireless

Works ok here. I tested the basic usage of the i686 version of the package.

works here!

BZ#1396790 Review Request: gnome-shell-extension-freon - GNOME Shell extension to display system temperature, voltage, and fan speed

Works for me!

BZ#1397692 Review Request: gnome-shell-extension-activities-configurator - Configure the top bar and Activities button in GNOME Shell

The extension is now correctly enabled and loaded. No new issues found.

BZ#1429776 "Error loading extension"

Overall, I didn't find big issues. Here are the steps I followed in order to ensure a general coverage:

1) Tested general usage. 2) Followed firefox-browse and QA's browser ( Test Cases. 3) Submitted a bug via Bugzilla's home page. 4) Tried to print a page to a PDF file.

The only one bug I found is #1431411, but it's not a regression and seem only related to a specific use case (qemu-kvm).

Test Case firefox browse

Hit #1387898 on a laptop equipped with only one GPU. No regressions found.

No regressions found (F25, i686, bare metal).

Did a basic test with Freenode. Works here on bare metal (F25 Workstation, Wayland, i686). No issues found.

Overall, no issues found on bare metal (old i686 laptop). The kernel regression test fails ( but, since it failed with the last two kernels too, it's not a "real regression" by this one (perhaps i686 is not fully supported by the suite?).

Did some basic tests with rednotebook on Fedora 25 Workstation (x86_64). Tried to add new pages, export, perform backups, tested the menu items etc. No issues found.

Applied F25 Workstation to a pendrive and performed an installation to a qemu-kvm system. No issues found: every thing I tested, worked well.

No regressions found.


No regressions found on x86_64.

Test Case base update cli

I tried to install and remove gtkimageview, taking a look to the files provided by the package. Installation and removal went well; no packaging/compiling issues found.

I hit #1385333 and #1385334. However, I haven't noticed big issues here, on a 32bit laptop.

Works well. No regressions found.