Fixed deps for gr-osmosdr and gqrx, also fixed funcube support in gr-osmosdr.

Thanks for info, it seems the gnuradio override expired before the gqrx starts building :). I will fix it, sorry for inconvenience.

Regarding the scrolling this is an upstream bug that has been reported upstream and fixed in downstream powertop-2.10-2. Regarding the stack smashing we need reproducer.

The previous rc version wasn't crashing for you? Could you try testbuild from bugzilla:

I am afraid it's stalled, because it's unsupported release. This update will have to be probably deleted by relengs.


Fixed the hangs for me, bug 1322763.

Works for me, we tested it in our lab :)

BZ#1312296 Review Request: 3dprinter-udev-rules - Rules for udev to give regular users access to operate 3D printers

Uh, I cannot, the update is locked. So I will have to resolve it somehow later. It shouldn't hurt much as f23 is not yet released. The bodhi-2.0 is pain.

It seems gr-rds in stable has higher NVR and it's built with old gnuradio. I will rather rebuild it and repush the update, hopefully the bodhi problem is fixed now..

The packages themselves should be OK, the error you are seeing is probably due to broken updates-testing repo, it's missing several packages from this update, e.g. there is gnuradio-3.7.8-0.2.rc1.fc23 instead of gnuradio-3.7.8-1.fc23 and there are more missing packages.