Please, push this build to stable.

User coredumps are still not working.


$ sudo setenforce 0 $ ulimit -c unlimited $ will_segfault

BZ#1276305 SELinux is preventing abrt-hook-ccpp from using the 'sigchld' accesses on a process.

Works for me.


@jehane , please remove the negative karma, it is counterproductive in this case ;)

I tested the packages from koji and the infinite loop problem is gone. Thank you!

@jonathancalloway : The "Restart" button is a feature of Fedora 22 and this is an update for Fedora 21.

abrt-2.5.1-2.fc22 does not create 'type' file from 'analyzer' file in its rpm posttrans scriptlet, hence no one other will run into jorti's issue again. @jorti: I'm sorry, but your old abrt problems will not be made reportable without manual fixing of 'type' file. If you want to make them reportable, put "CCpp", "Python" or "Kerneloops" string without trailing new line character to 'type' file.

@jorti: Strange, both files type and analyzer contain 'abrt-ccpp' but the former should contain 'CCpp'. The files are OK on my machine. If you have time, please reboot, generate a random crash (will_abort --random, sleep & kill), try to report this new crash and report the results here. I have a suspicion that this issue is related to the upgrade process.

@jorti: What kind of problem are you trying to report? Can you please pack the problem directory (its path can be found in the Details) and share it? The problem is in ABRT where it failed to find a handler for the problem type : "No actions are found for event 'report-gui'". Perhaps you don't have all necessary packages. If you have time, try to install 'abrt-desktop', re-test and provide the results. Thank you!


Fixes #1205201

@nonamedotc: unfortunately, that is intentional, the applet is getting more and more integrated into GNOME, so we should develop a new applet for other Desktops, or just fork the current one ...

The default configuration is invalid in libreport-2.3.0-3.fc21 -


Crashes for me!

@n0oir: update your system first and then update the libreport packages