@pgfed: Just for Information, what does this mean?

BZ#2090874 nfs-utils-2.6.2.rc5 is available

one thing left: after a reboot, gnome-settings shows 42.1 as version...

The bug is away. Thank you.

BZ#2071116 [abrt] gnome-text-editor: editor_session_save_for_shutdown_cb(): gnome-text-editor killed by SIGSEGV

is it worth to be pushed to stable?

For me it seems to solve this bug on the Fedora Workstation flavor:

Thank you ;-)


Runs since it was ready in koji and looks ok for me. Works on baremetal (non UEFI mode) AMD Ryzen5 3600, Mainboard MSI B450M Mortar Max with prop. nvidia driver (510.68.02) from (GTX980 card). Works with Gnome-Desktop (Xorg). Regression test passed.


Tested a simple file-restore with an USB-HDD.

BZ#2087441 deja-dup-43.3 is available