Works when I run it as projectMSDL. Running in SQL mode: no icon on application panel (Gnome 3). Running as projectM-pulseaudio: no visualization frame as before. Window title only.

Additional info: Visualization frame appears when I run projectM-pulseaudio and environment file with QT_QPA_PLATFORM=xcb option set (after reboot).

BZ#1833631 projectM was empty visualization frame
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runs on my system, i can do basics with it

Test logs submitted.

  1. Navigate "Super menu" - "Preferences" - "Display" and enable "Navigate folders in a tree" in "List View". Close and then switch to list view.

Failed. Little arrow from the left of directory (expander) shifted higher then its normal position.

Actually the item name in test case text is wrong, now this called "Allow folders to be expanded".

Test Case Gnome Files
BZ#1830474 Removing installed extension removes gnome-tweaks

Test Case gnome-shell overview search failed on test step 1 - places and devices bar is absent.

Test Case gnome-shell workspaces failed on test step 1 - dragging application icon to create new workspace with it.


Trying to reproduce steps from BZ: I have no A or B in terminal when pressing ctrl+alt+up/down.

BZ#1770296 GNOME on F31: Switching Workspace results in "Ctrl+Alt+Up" key press getting sent to active application

Test Case kernel regression results reported.

Installed system has hostname localhost-live, it was named by an anaconda installer, so its not live session. Working in Boxes.

Gnome Files, Other Location strange behavior:

About expected results, 9th item: I don't have Active Directory or Kerberos, I tested this item with FTP and SSH.

Gnome Maps was crushed once when I switch to satellite mode. The next instance works fine. I could not retry it. And problem reporting tool generated low informative content.

Gnome Music has a bug with adding files in playlist. When you first time add track into playlist - Gnome Music adds it once. If you will add this track again into same playlist the second time - Gnome Music will add this track twice. Etc. Each addition will increase count of copies of that track in playlist.

Also Gnome Music has no visible tracks in categories Unknown to represent empty tags in ogg for exmaple. So its impossible to search files in first two tabs until ogg tags filled. Even if it contains Unknown value.

Can't validate Test Case gnome initial setup domain join with stands in Boxes. Its hardly to make one box to search another box as ipa host (my bad).

Gnome Maps has find my location inaccurately for 4.2mi. I use LAN connection and default provider in my country.

Gnome Music cannot be run with -d option: Unknown option -d

Test Case Gnome Files
Test Case Gnome Maps
Test Case Gnome Music
Test Case calc
Test Case maps
Test Case music

Have no printers, can't test bugfix.

Don't know exactly how to test. The system still working after this update.

After whole system update my Rhythmbox icon missing (becomes default blue gears) in Show Applications overview. I don't know why exactly.