Working on it... THere's technically a possible legal issue with the license of TQSL which I filed a ticket for but haven't heard one way or the other. I'm looking to build the latest version soon.

New branches requested. There's an update for abi-compliance-checker so I'll have to wait until that one is pushed to stable.

Can we push to stable?

Can we push to stable now?

This one does not require a freecad rebuild?

Yeah, guess I got over excited that the el6 build was finally a success. Working on smesh but it needs f2c first.


Haven't done any real testing but it seems to be picking up local builds of my freeworld and nonfree packages from RPM Fusion now. Thanks!

BZ#1280266 sox-14.4.2-4.fc23 < sox-14.4.2rc2-1.fc22

I think so, you'll need a macro for the real version number for Source0 and %setup but that's easy enough.

Well sox-14-4.2rc99 it's a legal name, but neither was the one that caused the issue. I know it's just a number but I hate bumping the Epoch except for a last resort as you would have to rebuild f23/rawhide with the Epoch as well.

However, while that will fix the f22 problem I think we'll still have a problem: sox-14.4.2rc99-4.fc22 > sox-14.4.2-4.fc24 and the build in rawhide must be a greater ENVR than other releases...

Bumping Epoch may be the only solution at this point.

So why are we waiting for +10 karma because of a path issue in the systemd service file? This has obviously been fixed. Push the freaking update.


Adding no-op comment so I'll get notified when it makes it into testing :)

I've made the scm request for the package.